16.05.2014 Pizzoli, L’Aquila

– Ultimate Challenge Tournament Match

Great Requiem [2] def. Flavio Pantaleo [0]
Damian Dunne [1] vs. Kyo Kazama [1] – Time Limit Draw
Flavio Pantaleo [2] def. Damian Dunne [1]
Kyo Kazama [3] def. Great Requiem [2]
Damian Dunne [3] def. Great Requiem [2]
Flavio Pantaleo [4] def. Kyo Kazama [3]

Flavio “Iceman” Pantaleo vince il torneo Ultimate Challenge

+++ ASCA – READY TO START [Tag 1]+++
17.05.2014 Pizzoli, L’Aquila

– wXw Unified World Wrestling Title Match
Tommy End (c) def. Red Devil

– WrestlingItalia Cup Semi Final Match
Mark Fit def. Damian Dunne
Morgan Webster def. Robbie X

– Six Man Elimination Tag Team Match
Team ASCA (Flavio Pantaleo, Great Requiem & Kyo Kazama) vs. Team ICW (Charlie Kid, Doblone & Mr. Excellent) – Time Limit Draw

+++ ASCA – READY TO START [Tag 2]+++
18.05.2014 Pizzoli, L’Aquila

– WrestlingItalia Cup Final Three Way Match
Mark Fit def. Damian Dunne, Morgan Webster

– Jack Gallagher def. Mr. Excellent

– No DQ Match
The Great Requiem def. Kyo Kazama

– ICW Title Three Way Elimination Match
Charlie Kid (c) def. Flavio Pantaleo and Jack Gallagher

– 30 Minute Iron Man Match
Trent Seven [2] def. Dave Mastiff [1] after sudden death

13.12.14 Almenno San Bartolomeo, Bergamo

– Extreme Panther def. Veleno

– Doblone def. Kyo Kazama

– OGM def. Lupo

– Fans Bring Weapons Match
The Great Requiem def. Enrico Fernandez

– Flavio Pantaleo def. Mr.Excellent

– ICW Cruiser Title Three Way Elimination Match
Mark Fit (c) def. Nemesi, Josh Bodom